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Author of Young Adult Verse Novels MORE THAN ANGER, and TOUGH AS LACE!

More Than Anger

It's no secret that Anna's parents are going through a rough patch.  When that rough patch turns positively volatile, Anna starts to wonder why her parents are staying together at all.  Will their anger destroy everything Anna has ever known?  Can Anna allow herself to fall in love when she sees how it can turn so easily to hate?

Check out what Kirkus Reviews has to say here!

Tough as Lace

Lacey 'Lace' Stewart knows who she is. She's the star of her high school's lacrosse team, she's confident and brash, and she doesn't seem to worry about what other people think. Lace tries hard in school, works weekends at a coffee shop, and is counting on a lacrosse scholarship for college. She's got it all figured out. At least that's what she shows everyone at school. But underneath her brave face, she's battling deep-seated anxiety, and she's one panic attack away from losing it all.

Check out what Kirkus Reviews has to say here!

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About Me

While I was a bit behind the curve learning to read, once I did I couldn't get enough of it.  It happened once I found a book that was exciting and fun and really grabbed my attention!  My mom would read a chapter to me before bed,  and then I just had to find out what happened next!  So I'd read further and further, until suddenly I was comfortable with reading and would devour book after book (even when I should've been doing math homework).

Once that happened I started to write little stories, somehow filling a whole composition notebook with my first attempt at a novel (it definitely involved an evil twin!). 

From then on I decided that I wanted to be A Writer.  In 2015 I graduated from Canisius College, in Buffalo, NY with a BA in English and Creative Writing.

My first novel, More Than Anger, came out December 1st, 2019.  My second novel, Tough as Lace, will come out December 1st, 2021!

Piles of Books

"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage."

Lao Tzu

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